Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Damonte Ford

To say the least about Damonte, he’s a cool guy. I met him on Wednesday during class and I’m glad that I did. We were sitting adjacent to each other, and when Professor Zucman told the class to meet another new classmate, we reluctantly made eye contact. We both shared a look that said, “It’s already been a long week and I don’t want to be here,” so I figured we could probably be friends later on in the semester. A positive part of the Art 110 structure is its use of interaction with other students, which balances out the barely-aquaintances vibe of the larger lecture classes. It allows you to meet people like Janis or Damonte, people from starkly contrasting backgrounds who could easily become friends with the help of a school interaction. Damonte is majoring in Film Production, which is one of the most appropriate opportunity-wise for someone living in Los Angeles County. He lives in Compton, California and commutes regularly to school at CSULB. Last year, he lived in the Beachside Residence Halls and told me it was kind of a drag being a mile from campus. Being off-campus now, I completely understand what he means. It’s really hard to find parking in the sea of cars by the pyramid, and it wouldn’t be any easier taking a bus from Beachside. I plan on finding out what exactly Damonte wants to do with a Film Production degree, although I’m pretty sure my guess won’t be far off.



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