Wk6 – Art Experience – Flip Book

This week’s art project, Flip Books, was inspired by the artist conversation I had with Blaine Prow on his exhibition Extrusions. His display worked with shapes and how they contrasted with backgrounds that were intentionally different shape-wise to create what I believe was a morphing effect. I wanted to create my own morphing effect, and flip books turned out to be the perfect outlet for making a shape change size, orientation, and color.

A big part of Extrusions was it’s lack of color. This worked well for the numerous pieces on display, prominently white-on-black-on-white-again. The white boards with black interiors hung on white walls that blended in to appear as natural protrusions. Black and white coloring makes the individual appreciate the raw aspects more than a planned, surface-level representation. This works when you have a whole room as a canvas, and the minimal color scheme reaches for deeper feelings. I thought about going down this path for my shape flip book, but it honestly felt like a level of seriousness that I didn’t want to replicate right now. I wanted to create a more playful experience, and that would have only been possible with lots of color.

What represents color better than crayons? I thought that markers would feel too clean- too robotic. Crayons are messy and uneven: perfect for a morphing, pencil-sketched triangle as it becomes a star.

I wanted the initial triangle to look like it was dancing across the index cards before slowly growing its other “legs”. This idea took shape form from the artist conversation, but the shape format is only a template to express the transformation from caterpillar into butterfly. I was always interested in the idea of depicting a caterpillar’s process of change, but the shapes format was a simpler, fitting representation for this spectacle. The little triangle dances around, looses its form, begins to grow other parts, and then transforms into a star worthy of both praise and the numbing process it took to get there.


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