Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Carlos Villicana


During our class trip to the Japanese Garden, I struck up a conversation with Carlos Villicana. He’s a Journalism and Film major from Long Beach, the first double-major student I’ve met knowingly. I’ve often wondered what being a double-major student would be like, guessing it would be very time consuming. Actually, to my surprise, Carlos told me that it’s not too troublesome depending on your combination of major. I might consider it soon, which is a big decision to come out of a casual conversation at the CSULB Japanese garden.

After talking about hometowns and majors, we mainly focused on the Questions of the Week. Concerning the first question, which talked about the possibility of a son or daughter pursuing an art career, we both agreed that it wouldn’t be a problem for either of us. Art, dance, and film majors are heavily stigmatized for being a waste of time — which is far from the truth. The plurality of students are focused on finding a career straight out of college, an annual salary based job with work hours from 9 to 5. They may not understand that college is historically a learning institution, meant to be intellectually stimulating more than to provide a job.

The second question asked what phone apps we use most often. Carlos uses Amazon, Fandango, and Spotify regularly. I was surprised by this answer, since I thought everyone used Instagram and Snapchat daily. Most people are too connected in my opinion, so Carlos’ answer was a bit refreshing.

To end our conversation, we discussed how Game of Thrones Season 6 was great compared to season 5 and how Carlos believed it might be the best one so far.


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