Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Samuel De La Cruz


Samuel De La Cruz is working towards his BS degree in Chemistry, a very difficult task for anyone to achieve. Obviously, he’s incredibly smart in order to be pursuing a science degree. We talked about art for a while, and Sam believed that art is subjective to the viewer, meaning that there is no definitive explanation for any specific piece. I agree, and I don’t believe that there is an “actual” feeling which is supposed to be experienced. This is more pronounced in movie “symbolism”, and it ruins the cinematic experience to analyze what makes the movie special. If you take a painting and divide it into 12 equal parts, examining each piece, it takes away from the overall beauty. Concerning the question of the week, we both agreed that the red pill is definitely the better option. While the “ignorance is bliss” argument is valid in defense of the blue pill, once a small portion of curiosity forms, that reasoning no longer applies.


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