Wk14 – Art Experience – Instagram


I picked these four images from our 2016 art hashtag because they all stood out to me in some way, compared to the other photos. For the most part, the class photos were pretty similar: food, campus scenery, selfies. It seems like we are all in a similar environment, but still disconnected. Social media updates us and informs us of the things that happen in the world, and what our friends are doing with their lives. But, it doesn’t create an incentive to actually interact with anyone, just to observe. It almost acts like a filler for real life, to be experienced through seeing instead of having to do it yourself. The first photo is mine, and it’s special because my board represents a freedom from daily routine. Skating around frees your mind from all of the daily tasks that linger within, allowing brief relief in the easiest of ways. The pizza pic reminded me of a shop in Berkeley, where I would get my favorite pizza with my dad. It was awesome because I was young and he would show me the great big world that existed past what I could find out myself. The hummingbird is simply a beautiful visual, and probably the best within the entire Instagram class collection. I thought the chalk board list of Brexit, Trump, and No Potluck was funny because it was so out of the ordinary and silly, to juxtapose those three things together like the potluck was the final great letdown of 2016. It also made me feel a little better about the election to hear a non-cynical joke that was light-hearted. I am happy that this project was saved for the end of the semester, because it was very enlightening.


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