Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – RJ Cayabyab


RJ (Rei) Cayabyab introduced himself to me in class on Wednesday, saying that we already had a class with each other last semester. Apparently, we had a general education communications class together in the spring of 2016. He remembered our activity instructor’s name even though I forgot it, although I could recall his distinct ponytail. RJ is an accounting major, and he asked me several questions about economics (my major) since he’s currently taking a course in macroecon. Lots of people struggle with economics from my experience, comparing it to a science that takes certain conceptualizing skills. I think it comes somewhat naturally to me, and I think the topic is interesting. RJ likes to play basketball, and does so occasionally at the rec center. He told me about an intramural tournament in which his team played against countless intramural veterans, getting beat every time. That does not sound like any fun, which is probably why he doesn’t do it anymore. I enjoyed talking to RJ during class, but in the days after he didn’t send me our classmate conversation photo, which is very annoying.


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