Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Katherine Maleki


Artist: Katherine Maleki

Exhibit: Moonpool

Media: Painting

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Katherine Maleki is a sophomore working towards her BFA degree in Graphic Design from the CSULB School of Art. Her passion revolves around Printmaking, and she may be adjusting her major accordingly. She decided to pursue an art degree after encouragement from her parents. Katherine has already designed posters for companies, and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Moonpool emphasizes the female figure in the reflection of a moonlit lake. A woman painted in blue cautiously dips her leg into the placid lake, while the rest of her body sits on a grassy ledge. In the lake’s reflection, a mirror-image of the woman hangs upside-down with her hair hanging in the water. The water is painted purple and creates a calming effect, almost as if the scene is somewhat melancholy. Katherine has stated that the painting can be hung up either way, although she painted it with the moon upwards. I displayed the photo horizontally to represent both versions of the experience. The brush strokes resemble Native American folk art, giving off the form of the image without many details, left to the imagination.

Katherine Maleki said that the idea for this piece came out of nowhere, without actual real world inspiration. It focused mainly on the shape and color of the images, as well as the female figure itself. The mirrored women have to do with repeating elements. The use of two women along one line gives the painting a symmetrical pattern, allowing it to be hung up in any direction. Maleki said that the female figure is very important to her and a prominent element of her work. The use of women in art is timeless, and when used next to nature it creates a very beautiful image.

I liked Moonpool because of its resemblance to Native American folk art. The female figure resting on the grass by a lake is very natural, giving it a special authenticity. I also like how the piece is able to be flipped in multiple directions, making it very versatile. The simplicity of the piece makes it into a perfect home decoration.




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